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The Opposition Surprise?

A couple of days ago, after being heavily courted by the Obama whitehouse, Republicans pitched a shut out in the vote for the new bailout. A bailout that they were constantly being told by the MSM would be “risky” to oppose. Amazingly, not ONE voted for it. At first glance, especially considering the last 8 years, this was a shocker to the blogger community.

However, I think that it is important to recognize that one of the positives of the last two cycles is the amount of squishy moderates who lost on our side. Would it be nice to have them and have a majority, undoubtedly, but having a consolidated minority dedicated to Republican principles is refreshing. These squishy moderates were especially disappointing, because we were told that while they were socially moderate at best they were rock solid on fiscal conservatism, however in truth they were squishy all the way around.

Congratulations to the Minority leader for actually leading. The backbone is about 6 years too late. It is too bad that it took a sweep of liberal leaders to affect this mindset. Now a word of caution. Don’t get squishy now. When you voted NO, america cheered. They might be cautious, but like the child who knows that the parent who takes away the cake is doing it for their own good, America to understands the ramifications of this delectible piece of cake.

It is also important to note that the opposition did NOT simply oppose. Unlike the predecessors in the Democratic minority, it is hard to call this group of patriots a party of NO. They offered a delightful alternative to the measure. A measured response. Telling america that this is what would be passed if you allow us to lead, as opposed to waiting for a change mandate when America won’t care about the details. Brilliant, good work, keep it up. The grassroots is watching, you may just pull us off the bench!



So, a good friend of mine (@nhprman on twitter) sent me this link and asked my opinion on this.
My opinion is that in the Prolife community we have failed to adequately educate our children, our congregations, and anyone in the movement when it comes to these types of questions. So, I have decided, for the first time, to put my Prolifeness on paper. A credo, of sorts, on what I believe.
1. Our creed has got to be, life for children, support for mothers, and shut down the big abortion industry.
It is all about allowing children grow up without being killed. If liberals go after big oil and corporations for global warming? Why don’t we take a page from them and go after the real excrement of industry, the doctors, groups, and associations that target, recruit, and ultimately perform abortions?
I believe that life begins at conception…period. This isn’t above my paygrade, it isn’t theological or medical or scientific. I KNOW when I became a father. That was when me and my wife conceived our first child. From that moment on, I was a dad. Every decision I made had her, my daughter, in mind. It REALLY IS that simple. That said, as a church community and as a prolife community, we have to do a better job at supporting mothers. We need to provide funds and financial incentives for mothers to keep their children. If an unwed mother came up to you in Walmart and said, I would keep my baby, but I have no place to stay. Would you offer your spare bedroom? I can honestly say that I would. Heck, I would offer her MY bedroom and sleep on the floor if that meant that a new life could be spared. (And yes, my wife and I have agreed that this is one thing that neither of us have to ask the other for permission, we feel that strongly about it) We need to make the mothers our target of love, and expose the abortion industry for what it is. An industry founded on peddling death for hire.
Prolifers need to understand that if Abortion, as a procedure, were made illegal, prosecuters should be instructed to go after the doctors who perform the abortions. They should be stripped of their licence, fined $500,000 per occurance (that money should go into a federal adoption fund), and face up to 5 years in jail. We should use racketeering laws to go after the industry as a whole as well. The person who receives money to recruit the woman is just as guilty as the doctor. The left may call this a gag rule, SO BE IT, divorce attorneys don’t offer murder for hire as a solution to marrital atrimony, doctors and consultants shouldn’t be allowed to offer abortion as an alternative and then profit from it.
2. Don’t call me prolife, I am anti-abortion
We need to change the rules of the game, I cannot call myself prolife when I support capital punishment and blowing terrorists to sheol, just as much as someone cannot call themselves prochoice when they don’t support vouchers, gun ownership, or free markets. Truth is, I am Anti-abortion, I hate abortion, loathe it, it is immoral, impractical, and stupid. I want someone from the other side to tell me they are pro-abortion. From this step forward, they are NOT prochoice, that sounds so NICE. Something that shouldn’t be afforded to people who hunt and recruit women so they can profit off of incest, bad choices, and murder. Most Americans who say they are prochoice state that wouldn’t be a choice for them. What does that tell you. They aren’t proabortion, they are antiabortion, most of them are just unsure of what would happen to women if abortion were made illegal. I say, nothing, the industry needs to suffer. So what if the media calls us anti-abortion, isn’t everyone? It isn’t like we are unabashedly anti-abortion with NO alternatives. We do, adoption, mentoring, community, finances, we provide it all. The number one adoption agencies, anti-abortion, the number one pregnancy centers offering mentoring and community, anti-abortion. Don’t allow the opposition to trap you inside a box.
3. We need to think and live outside of the box!
Roe v. Wade will not be overruled for a while, so instead of marching and praying for this to happen (and that being the only thing we do). Let’s use every legal avenue at our disposal to stop abortions. I think that Big Abortion should pay taxes, a majority of the providers are, catch this, non-profits. That is right, they don’t pay a DIME for the profits they make. If we expect big tabacco and big oil to carry their fair share of the burden, the abortion community should as well. They should all pay property taxes on the clinics, in fact, they should pay more. They should fall under EPA scope for proper elimination of human remains. This should be the most heavily regulated industry in the United States to ensure that those women are protected even if they make the wrong choice. I want to hear Nancy Pelosi say she opposes regulation of an industry with a straight face.
That is it, my three points on how we can and should operate as the anti-abortion community.

It’s All About the Grassroots Stupid!

I am sick and tired of my fellow conservatives scanning the landscape looking for a conservative Obama. A messianic conservative who will leads us all to the promised land just like Reagan. It is these conservatives, a lot of them from the DC area, who do not have a solid understanding about what brought Ronald Reagan to prominence.
Ronald Reagan did not come to prominence because people believed that he was a messianic figure who would solve all the problems of the world. He was a product of the grassroots. Millions of conservatives looked in the mirror each morning and they saw a conservative who believed in the principles of the movement. In Reagan, these grassroots saw a reflection of their own beliefs through his actions and words. Reagan’s rise to prominence was not a messianic rise, it was a grassroots statement that their beliefs mattered and they elected the person who best represented those views.
The problem with looking for a Messiah, is that you invariably end up making value judgements on personality not substance. This is what has happened to the Republican party. Instead of voting for people who matched our values, the party started pushing candidates who could win. Win they did, but at what cost. The grassroots was disinvited from the party, and these new representatives failed us miserably on every issue from No Child Left Behind to Medicare Part D to TARP to spending to earmarks. Then during election years they would go back to the grassroots and ask for our support. The game ended in 2006 when we started realizing the error of our ways and just stayed home.
So, it is that I implore my fellow conservatives and party members. We will NEVER get another Reagan if we vote for a Messiah. Whether it be Palin or Jindal or Huckabee, we have to start voting for the candidates who reflect our views and reflect what we see in the mirror each morning. It is then and only then that the Reagan will come along. Will we lose ground at first, especially as the national leaders fail to recognize the gig is up? Yes, but will we be stronger at the local level? Yes. Will we start becoming more energized? Yes. Will we be empowered? Like never before because now everyone’s vote actually starts to count!
We have to organize as conservatives, the grassroots is highly disorganized and don’t count on the RNC to try and organize it any time soon. They, for the most part and dependent on the outcome of January 30th, are still focused on solely winning at all costs…period. What they have done over the last ten years is systematically destroy the grassroots involvement and input. As a result, our bench is so sparse of quality candidates. Inevitably, some beltway hack will point to “several” quality candidates, forgetting that we need 535+ quality candidates at the Federal level, not to mention all of the other races across the nation. That several just doesn’t cut it. Even IF America wanted to return Congress and the Senate to the hands of Republicans, I honestly don’t think that we have the grassroots and lower level support to support that effort. I started to try and accomplish this.
We have to stop listening to the Beltway and Manhattan conservatives who tell us how it is. Where were they during the 08 primaries? Sitting on the sidelines for the most part allowing the media to choose our nominee. This means, stop giving money to the DC organizations that “promise” victory in 2010 and giving money to the candidates we support directly. Forget the NRCC and the NRSC, are they going to spend money in New Jersey on that pro-choicer they have made into a poster child? You don’t know and neither do I. Give it to the candidates. is an excellent resource among many to allow the grassroots to give money directly to candidates.
In short, we have to as conservatives rally among ourselves. Stop waiting for the next conservative leader to step up. Get involved, start fundraising, start building, the next leader is the person you look at each morning in the mirror.

The Inherent Dangers of CPSIA

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 could, come February 10, send hundreds of thousands of small businesses who make boutique items for children, out of business. Yes, that includes my wife’s business as well. Before everyone accuses me of mass histeria, it is important to understand that these threats are very real. My wife and I know all too well. We have spent the last couple days scrounging for loopholes that just aren’t there. And if we find a loophole and we are found in court to be wrong? Thousands in fines and up to 5 years in jail is enough to make anyone squirm. Yet, no major conservatives seem to care, after all, we have more important things to blog about, like the incoming RNC chairman. Right now, for my family, I could care less.
For those who feel that congress will care? Let’s just say every one of them, except Rep. Ron Paul, voted for the measure. So, members of the right better be issuing mea culpas and coming to our defense or else why should any small business owner feel that the Republican party or conservatives actually care about them. My wife make’s hairbows. The ribbon is lead free, but that isn’t good enough come February 10. We will have to prove that it is lead free. To be compliant, we not only have to test the hundreds of spools of ribbon individually, but also as a collective bow. Since we don’t have the purchasing power to buy in extreme bulk, each shipment of ribbon has to be tested as well. Even if the ribbon companies provided certification of lead free (which they aren’t required to and most likely will not) we still have to test each bow type. The cost for us? At the low end $400 (assuming the manufacturers give us cert.) the high end $1200 per bow! We sell bows for $4-8. You can see the problem. A friend of ours who sells doll clothes…done. Another who sells cloth diapers…done. A children’s book store in Wisconsin to a homeschooling kit company…done. This is not hysteria, in fact, the people who are claiming that life will go on as usual don’t have my mortgage or our dreams.
I AM NOT ASKING FOR A BAIL OUT. In fact, I don’t want a darned thing. I just want to be able to have my wife operate her business like she has for the last year.
In fairness, the CPSIA was designed to prevent the Mattels of the world from getting lead based toys from China. Great! But why do we have to prove the lead free thing? In fact, the Mattels of the world are so big they are the only ones who can afford this. While their competition goes out of business. Were we trying to help or hurt Mattel, the big bad corporation? Liberal laws, no matter how good natured lead to corporate empoyerment and small business hell. The fact that the “conservatives” in congress voted for the thing as well only makes it more difficult a pill to swallow. #CPSIA on twitter to join the conversation. This needs to be a conservative conversation! If not? They better not ask me for a DIME in 2009 and beyond…period. Why? I won’t have the dime to give them, and hopefully…I will find a dime to feed my kids.

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