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So, a good friend of mine (@nhprman on twitter) sent me this link and asked my opinion on this.
My opinion is that in the Prolife community we have failed to adequately educate our children, our congregations, and anyone in the movement when it comes to these types of questions. So, I have decided, for the first time, to put my Prolifeness on paper. A credo, of sorts, on what I believe.
1. Our creed has got to be, life for children, support for mothers, and shut down the big abortion industry.
It is all about allowing children grow up without being killed. If liberals go after big oil and corporations for global warming? Why don’t we take a page from them and go after the real excrement of industry, the doctors, groups, and associations that target, recruit, and ultimately perform abortions?
I believe that life begins at conception…period. This isn’t above my paygrade, it isn’t theological or medical or scientific. I KNOW when I became a father. That was when me and my wife conceived our first child. From that moment on, I was a dad. Every decision I made had her, my daughter, in mind. It REALLY IS that simple. That said, as a church community and as a prolife community, we have to do a better job at supporting mothers. We need to provide funds and financial incentives for mothers to keep their children. If an unwed mother came up to you in Walmart and said, I would keep my baby, but I have no place to stay. Would you offer your spare bedroom? I can honestly say that I would. Heck, I would offer her MY bedroom and sleep on the floor if that meant that a new life could be spared. (And yes, my wife and I have agreed that this is one thing that neither of us have to ask the other for permission, we feel that strongly about it) We need to make the mothers our target of love, and expose the abortion industry for what it is. An industry founded on peddling death for hire.
Prolifers need to understand that if Abortion, as a procedure, were made illegal, prosecuters should be instructed to go after the doctors who perform the abortions. They should be stripped of their licence, fined $500,000 per occurance (that money should go into a federal adoption fund), and face up to 5 years in jail. We should use racketeering laws to go after the industry as a whole as well. The person who receives money to recruit the woman is just as guilty as the doctor. The left may call this a gag rule, SO BE IT, divorce attorneys don’t offer murder for hire as a solution to marrital atrimony, doctors and consultants shouldn’t be allowed to offer abortion as an alternative and then profit from it.
2. Don’t call me prolife, I am anti-abortion
We need to change the rules of the game, I cannot call myself prolife when I support capital punishment and blowing terrorists to sheol, just as much as someone cannot call themselves prochoice when they don’t support vouchers, gun ownership, or free markets. Truth is, I am Anti-abortion, I hate abortion, loathe it, it is immoral, impractical, and stupid. I want someone from the other side to tell me they are pro-abortion. From this step forward, they are NOT prochoice, that sounds so NICE. Something that shouldn’t be afforded to people who hunt and recruit women so they can profit off of incest, bad choices, and murder. Most Americans who say they are prochoice state that wouldn’t be a choice for them. What does that tell you. They aren’t proabortion, they are antiabortion, most of them are just unsure of what would happen to women if abortion were made illegal. I say, nothing, the industry needs to suffer. So what if the media calls us anti-abortion, isn’t everyone? It isn’t like we are unabashedly anti-abortion with NO alternatives. We do, adoption, mentoring, community, finances, we provide it all. The number one adoption agencies, anti-abortion, the number one pregnancy centers offering mentoring and community, anti-abortion. Don’t allow the opposition to trap you inside a box.
3. We need to think and live outside of the box!
Roe v. Wade will not be overruled for a while, so instead of marching and praying for this to happen (and that being the only thing we do). Let’s use every legal avenue at our disposal to stop abortions. I think that Big Abortion should pay taxes, a majority of the providers are, catch this, non-profits. That is right, they don’t pay a DIME for the profits they make. If we expect big tabacco and big oil to carry their fair share of the burden, the abortion community should as well. They should all pay property taxes on the clinics, in fact, they should pay more. They should fall under EPA scope for proper elimination of human remains. This should be the most heavily regulated industry in the United States to ensure that those women are protected even if they make the wrong choice. I want to hear Nancy Pelosi say she opposes regulation of an industry with a straight face.
That is it, my three points on how we can and should operate as the anti-abortion community.

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