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The Opposition Surprise?

A couple of days ago, after being heavily courted by the Obama whitehouse, Republicans pitched a shut out in the vote for the new bailout. A bailout that they were constantly being told by the MSM would be “risky” to oppose. Amazingly, not ONE voted for it. At first glance, especially considering the last 8 years, this was a shocker to the blogger community.

However, I think that it is important to recognize that one of the positives of the last two cycles is the amount of squishy moderates who lost on our side. Would it be nice to have them and have a majority, undoubtedly, but having a consolidated minority dedicated to Republican principles is refreshing. These squishy moderates were especially disappointing, because we were told that while they were socially moderate at best they were rock solid on fiscal conservatism, however in truth they were squishy all the way around.

Congratulations to the Minority leader for actually leading. The backbone is about 6 years too late. It is too bad that it took a sweep of liberal leaders to affect this mindset. Now a word of caution. Don’t get squishy now. When you voted NO, america cheered. They might be cautious, but like the child who knows that the parent who takes away the cake is doing it for their own good, America to understands the ramifications of this delectible piece of cake.

It is also important to note that the opposition did NOT simply oppose. Unlike the predecessors in the Democratic minority, it is hard to call this group of patriots a party of NO. They offered a delightful alternative to the measure. A measured response. Telling america that this is what would be passed if you allow us to lead, as opposed to waiting for a change mandate when America won’t care about the details. Brilliant, good work, keep it up. The grassroots is watching, you may just pull us off the bench!


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