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This is What I Fought For?

As a Soldier, I try to not play the “I fought for this country” card. The bottom line is that I did what I thought I ought to do. However, it is worth pondering what exactly did I sacrifice so much for? The constitution? You mean the same onebeing trampled by the Senate in allowing DC to have a voting congressman? For what cost? Surely the Republican Senators stood up to this, what’s this, Senator Hatch voted for it. Surely he had a good reason, what’s this, he WAS BOUGHT OFF WITH ANOTHER congressional seat!!!! I hope Utah sends this man packing. I expect selling the constitution by liberals, but by Mr. Hatch is appalling and should have serious consequences.

I was no Obama supporter, but even I thought their was alot of doom and gloom over his election because I thought he would have to govern from the middle. 3.6 Billion/day later and a 4.5 trillion dollar budget which includes more nationalization of banks AND universal healthcare. The amount of liberal shenanigans going on is amazing.

I am not of the opinion that Obama is a unintelligent human being, but he has proved himself an empty suit. A puppet of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid who seem to be writing all legislation and just feeding his teleprompter with soundbites to sell it to the American people. I GUARANTEE President Obama has NOT read the stimulus even yet, in fact, we don’t really know everything that is in it still. He most likely hasn’t even read the budget. Does anyone doubt that it will be jammed down our throat in the same manner as the stimulus. We have to do something. Inaction is worse than bad action. If only I could live my life this way, but alas I can’t because THAT isn’t what I fought for.


Race in America

The comments of Attorney General Eric Holder has opened up a dialogue that previous to his comments were a closed discussion. While, I don’t feel that liberals asking America to talk about race is an actual invitation to open discussion, I am going to take the opportunity to be open and forthright in my assumptions about race and what I have seen.

To me, we lost the discussion of race when we stopped looking at all Americans as Americans. Did this happen as a fault to the black community? No. The willful segregation of black people from the American dream on account of nothing but their race, is a fault of Americans during that time that were complicit in its carrying out. That said, that is not the America I know today. Today, the willful segregation of black people from the American dream is brought on by those “leaders” of the black community. I differ from Whoopi Goldberg on a LOT of issues. But I was proud when she said she looked at herself as an American NOT an African-American, an American. Today we have Black Entertainment Television, A Congressional Black Caucus, Black churches, Black colleges, Black fraternities and sororities, Black neighborhoods, and Black clubs. All legitimized by the black community and protected at every turn. It seems to me that the racial problems that were started by America’s past are not being ended by America’s present. Instead we have made it worse. Japanese-Americans, Korean-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, African-Americans, all labels that imply that being American isn’t enough anymore. And for us who don’t hyphenate our American experience, we are left being told that we are cowardess for not accepting that there should not be any classifications or levels of Americana. E Pluribus Unum recognizes that we all come from different cultures and backgrounds but that we melt into a cohesive unity.

My dad and mom taught me that it was wrong to NOT associate with people because of different cultures. My dad was a pastor, but in  every congregation he pastored, there were people of different cultures and yes, of different color. I went to Romanian churches growing up, I went to hispanic services as well. I preached my first and only sermon at the age of nine through an interpreter to a spanish congregation of over 1,000 people. As a child, I remember eating at the home of a mixed race couple, race was never brought up. The church I currently attend has as our First Elder a brilliant, humble and awesome black man who happens to be married to a white lady. Our head usher is also black. But in all of this the significance of all of it is in the fact that it is NO BIG DEAL. Our elder wasn’t elected first elder because he is black, but because he is a great Godly man, whom my daughters can look up to. Our head usher wasn’t appointed because of his color, but because he keeps the other ushers on task and on time. We didn’t go to the house of the mixed race couple, because my mom and dad wanted to show me it wasn’t a big deal, they were invited by members of the congregation. The Romanian church was another church, and the hispanic congregation was another group that needed Christ just as much as I did.

To my parents, to me, and what I will teach my children is it is always about the character of the man. Wasn’t that Rev. King’s vision for us. I hear so many black leaders (for which I have NO respect) talk about how the I have a Dream Speech is an inspirational moment. And clearly it is, but I wonder if they have ever truly read the whole speech. And if they have, where does affirmative action, having a black caucus, and separating themselves out into a group fit the countenance of their character and not the color of their skin! If the purpose of the black caucus is to work on urban issues, that is fine and a laudible goal, but why not deem it the urban caucus and invite all lawmakers who have urban constituents? It seems absolutely ridiculous to assume that only a black person can represent black people. I would never assume that only a white congressman could represent me. Why? It is racist to think that and the opposite holds true.

Multi-Cultralism, Shame, and ending the Hypocracy.

I for one, hate to have to feel bad that I think America is the greatest country in the world. I don’t care if I ever visit another country. I love America and all her people, regardless of their intelligence, color, abilities, and status. Why? Because in America anyone can be anything! Because what we become is not based on who we know but on seizing on our opportunities. Is is wrong for people to assume that government can pick winners and losers…why? Because NO PERSON CAN! I wouldn’t have been able to predict that an abused lanky lawyer from the back hills of Kentucky would one day be President. I certainly wouldn’t have predicted that a boy abandoned by his father raised by his mother in Hawaii would one day be President either. Who could have known that Polio wouldn’t stop Roosevelt, or that being blind and deaf wouldn’t change Helen Keller? What about the Hymns of Crosby, or the Lightbulb of Edison? Which of these would we risk not having because the government chose who gets the opportunities. In this end, the key is that we all get opportunity and what we do with those opportunities is up to us. Sometimes, failure is a good opportunity in itself. America has done nothing to help the inner city cycle end, because we have allowed these “black leaders” to dictate how to end the cycle. Money didn’t solve the educational problems in America. However, these leaders stand in the way of allowing parents to choose where to send their children to school. So much for trying to help out. The abortion industry preys on black communities while its leaders give them funding to do so. Its children live in poverty and broken homes because we elevate thugs who sing about easy sex and loose values to urban role models (Just look at the NAACP image awards if you have any doubt). In America, there are not just hyphenated divisons of race, there are double standards galore. Don’t believe me? Try printing a relevant cartoon about a current event that just so happens to involve a monkey. (For the record, Nancy Pelosi and Congress wrote the bailout NOT Obama) Try starting White Entertainment Television for all those NASCAR rednecks, surely there is a cultural argument for the people of appalachia needing there own entertainment. Try starting a Congressional White Caucus to focus on rural issues in America. For the record, I am not advocating doing any of these, I am just saying the hypocracy is profound. One last thing in closing.

I work in the National Guard for a Colonel who is the BEST Colonel I have ever worked for. He is the most caring, compassionate, fair, honest man, I have ever had the priveledge of working for. He is a great American, not because he is black, because he IS. I will pummel anyone who says he isn’t just because of the color of his skin. His character speaks for itself. But he is not accepted in some “black” circles because he is a conservative Republican with strong convictions. Now, you tell me who isn’t tolerant of different “values.” Let’s get over race and start talking about solutions that help all Americans regardless of where they have come from. Giving all Americans equal opportunity should be our cry. The white kid sitting next to the black kid in the inner city school deserves just as much, just as the black kid who sits next to the white kid in the rural school does. The black President deserves our respect just as the previous white President should have gotten, just as the black President deserves our criticism of bad policies just as the white President got. As for AG Holder, legal issues are not black and white, they are colorblind. Hence the blindfold on lady justice. If you want to rip off that blindfold, you can forget our support. But, if you are wanting a legitimate discussion among Americans about how we can get rid of the racist dissent of leaders like Jesse Jackson and David Duke, then I am open to that and I hope that you take these words at there value not just the fact they were written by some white kid from Ohio.

Top Five Web2.0 Applications that Conservatives Need

Someone in my local party approached me and asked matter of factly, what do I need to keep in touch with social networking without getting overwhelmed? I thought about this and thought that while some of us just do everything, what are the top five platforms that conservatives can’t go without?


A good platform for groups, causes, and friends. It is also broad in the use by members, unlike MySpace, and doesn’t attract nearly as many “spammers.”


Even IF you never want to tweet, the ability to follow major players in the conservative world AND actually coorespond with many of them is outstanding. In fact, put that together with the outstanding links and research by some groups like #tcot or #techgop and it is a social networking package combined with news and research.


Ok, even if you are not a Young Republican, you need to at least take a look at what Moshe Starkman has done on his own with his own money. Great platform, constant updates, and the functionality of connecting with YRs nationwide is indespensible.


A really great service for photo sharing. Whether through your website, or through social networking, an indespensible service that provides easy use and sharing of photos that are important to you as well as seeing photos of friends or random people on flickr as well.


So, you come upon a conservative website that you love, what do you do? You click a thumbs up button that you have downloaded on your toolbar, and now your friends and like minded strangers have the ability to stumble on that site you selected. I know that there are other services out their that do similar things., Digg, and technorarti, being among them, my favorite is SU. However, you need at least one of these to make a difference!

The New Grassroots Movement!

A colleague of mine, David Marcoe, and I have just finished our work in progress. “Grassroots Action Plan

We hope that this is a helpful model for the upcoming grassroots movement. I encourage everyone to talk about it, blog about it, and let’s start getting the funding and approval together to implement M-GOS nationwide! We do need change, and it starts with us.

Update on CPSIA!

This is the link that my wife and I received that caused us to sing in chorus this evening! A stay for expensive testing that would have shut down our business. The unfortunate thing in this is twofold: 1. Congress had the lack of foresight in the first place and decided to pass this thing overwhelmingly. 2. This stay for a year is only a short reprieve. If congress had the lack of foresight to pass it, will they gain vision to repeal it? A 50/50 proposition at best.

So, why is it that our elected officials so easily ignore common sense in voting for certain legislation? In this case, the evil (China selling us tainted goods) overcame rational thought (A lot of small businesses don’t get their supplies from China and we need their capital in our system). It happens all too often in Washington, DC. Thank God that a couple of bureaucrats saw fit to put their overreaching on hold. Our economy lives another year! And so does our business.

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