The Return of Cincinnatus

Life is but for Faith, Family, and Freedom

Update on CPSIA!

This is the link that my wife and I received that caused us to sing in chorus this evening! A stay for expensive testing that would have shut down our business. The unfortunate thing in this is twofold: 1. Congress had the lack of foresight in the first place and decided to pass this thing overwhelmingly. 2. This stay for a year is only a short reprieve. If congress had the lack of foresight to pass it, will they gain vision to repeal it? A 50/50 proposition at best.

So, why is it that our elected officials so easily ignore common sense in voting for certain legislation? In this case, the evil (China selling us tainted goods) overcame rational thought (A lot of small businesses don’t get their supplies from China and we need their capital in our system). It happens all too often in Washington, DC. Thank God that a couple of bureaucrats saw fit to put their overreaching on hold. Our economy lives another year! And so does our business.


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