The Return of Cincinnatus

Life is but for Faith, Family, and Freedom

This is What I Fought For?

As a Soldier, I try to not play the “I fought for this country” card. The bottom line is that I did what I thought I ought to do. However, it is worth pondering what exactly did I sacrifice so much for? The constitution? You mean the same onebeing trampled by the Senate in allowing DC to have a voting congressman? For what cost? Surely the Republican Senators stood up to this, what’s this, Senator Hatch voted for it. Surely he had a good reason, what’s this, he WAS BOUGHT OFF WITH ANOTHER congressional seat!!!! I hope Utah sends this man packing. I expect selling the constitution by liberals, but by Mr. Hatch is appalling and should have serious consequences.

I was no Obama supporter, but even I thought their was alot of doom and gloom over his election because I thought he would have to govern from the middle. 3.6 Billion/day later and a 4.5 trillion dollar budget which includes more nationalization of banks AND universal healthcare. The amount of liberal shenanigans going on is amazing.

I am not of the opinion that Obama is a unintelligent human being, but he has proved himself an empty suit. A puppet of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid who seem to be writing all legislation and just feeding his teleprompter with soundbites to sell it to the American people. I GUARANTEE President Obama has NOT read the stimulus even yet, in fact, we don’t really know everything that is in it still. He most likely hasn’t even read the budget. Does anyone doubt that it will be jammed down our throat in the same manner as the stimulus. We have to do something. Inaction is worse than bad action. If only I could live my life this way, but alas I can’t because THAT isn’t what I fought for.


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