The Return of Cincinnatus

Life is but for Faith, Family, and Freedom

The Fair Vote Act

Proposed, a constitutional amendment to the United States Constitution:

The election year in which the President of the Unites States will be decided after this amendment is ratified and every such election year hence, the states shall have on the ballot the question: “Are you satisfied with your statewide congressional delegation: Yea or Nay” If a majority of eligible voters voting in that election choose Yea, nothing will occur. If the Secretaries of State from the various states certify that a majority of eligible voters, voting in the election choose Nay, the incumbent delegates to the House of Representatives prior to the election, assuming they were retained by their district in the election, will not be eligible for election during the midterm elections. The incumbent delegates will only lose their eligibility for the one election, unless they fall under the previous question again later in their service to the People.

This amendment will only apply to the incumbent delegates of the House of Representatives.


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