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My Thoughts on Obama

The Good

I will start out with the good, mainly because it will be short, but also because I want to show that I am fair in my assessment…

Ok, the Obama PR machine has been impressive. (H/T Matt Lewis ) They are everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. From Noggin to ESPN (Ironically, one of the only campaign promises he has kept), he has graced us with his presence. He is averaging a major primetime press conference every month. We have learned how Mrs. Obama tones her arms, all about the children’s playset, and of course because having Keith Olbermann drooling on his lap was getting annoying, they opted for a Dog. Bo.

On policy, I like the continuation of our Iraq and Afghanistan priorities. We will see how long this lasts, but for now, he hasn’t caved to the moonbats.

The Bad

Can this guy form any coherent thought without a teleprompter? We all knew he was dependant on it like a caffeine junkie needs his morning brew. What we didn’t know was that he was dependant on it like Teddy Kennedy needs alcohol. You literally start seeing him shake when he is doing impromtu. The one good thing to come out of it is his teleprompter’s blog, which is hilarious. It is only a matter of time before late night starts running his gaffes, because they are just as funny as Bush’s wordisms…but I will say this, if you thought W was a moron, what must you think about this guy?

His inability to keep a campaign promise. No tax increases if you make under 250k, try a cigarette tax on all days, April 1. Add in the energy tax, and his original promise came with an asterik the size of Ben Stiller’s butt at the end of Dodgeball. Too bad, the asterik didn’t make it into his campaign materials. He’ll reach out to pro-lifers, we didn’t know that meant he would wait a whole day after the pro-life march to erase  the Mexico City policy. He will balance the books in Washington? By balance, he must have meant straddling us with double our national debt within five years…and then, he must be planning on the 950Billion of surpluses he would have to run to pay off that debt in 30 years!

The Ugly

One word: Stimulus. Of course, I was always taught that stimulus that doesn’t stimulate isn’t stimulus. And for me, it was embarassing that at the same time we are spending 785b on God knows what (and even God needed more than a day to read the bill!) we were laying off Soldiers in the Army National Guard nationwide, estimated at thousands. We have also cut defense by billions but the other departments need to cut their spending by 100m collectively over the year. Wow! This Obama guy is a fiscal conservative. In the same sense that the Octo-mom is mother of the year!

I was impressed to see this today. A statement that the EU shouldn’t have put travel restrictions on us. However, I am sure that Gibbs and the administration will somehow come up with a way that all of this is our fault. This sums up our new foreign policy. Or Care Bear diplomacy as I have called it. It is our fault, all of it, you did no wrong, so please won’t you stop trying to kill us. I said please. Pretty please? With a cherry on top? Yes, my friends, we expected the pork, taxes, and spending. But laying down to let other countries crush us at will? Never to this extent, but that is where we find ourselves, with Tenderheart as our fearful follower, following the Chavez’s and Il’s to our collective demise. The good news, maybe we will all die of the swine flu (and no that wasn’t a reference to the porkulus!)


A Care Bear Foreign Policy

So, I was sitting with my daughters watching Care Bear II. The second movie in the series and like most things from the 80s, before they were remade into crap this decade. As I was watching, the strangest thing hit me. Our current foreign policy and way of handling the world is alot like the world of Care-A-Lot! For example, there is this one scene where they are confronted with a moose. (For the sake of discussion, we will call this moose North Korea) One of the bears says that maybe we just need to talk with the moose. So, the little bear wanders out to be friends with the moose, and the moose kicks out weapons inspectors, walks away from six party talks, and launches a rocket over Japan! (Ok in the movie the moose just tries to run over the bear, but you get the picture) And for all those who may say, “It always works out for the Care Bears!” Keep in mind that inevitably, as is my experience with Care Bears, which is only as extensive as I can get away with, the little buggers get locked up and are near death before the are rescued by kids  and are allowed to do their care bear stare and cousin call! As masterful a villain as Dark Heart was, I just have to think that if Chavez and Castro have us locked up in a magical jail cell and are ready to obliterate us, relying on the French is a little bit of a stretch. Although, at times, I can almost see Obama, Clinton, and Napolotino doing the Care Bear Stare while Pelosi, Reid, and Biden do the Cousin Call! It’d be freaking hilarious, if it wasn’t so gosh darn scary! And frankly the care meter is heading into the negatives, oh, what are we going to do? And do any of us really think that if this swine flu does turn into a pandemic that Tenderheart and Cheer Bear are going to rescue us? What about Iran, maybe we can just talk to them…oh…wait…yeah. So, you see, we now have a Care Bear Foreign Policy. Ironically, according to Wikipedia, the franchise is about to be sold from American Greetings to foreign interests…hmmm…let’s just hope that isn’t a metaphor.

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