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I Announce my Candidacy!

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh today, and he was decrying the fact that we do not have a leader of the conservative movement. I was pondering this, and I fear that a lot of people are not taking this point particularly seriously. We, as a movement, have consistently failed to offer up real ways and solutions to confront the administration.
Many in DC have been a loyal opposition, much in the same way that Tory Lords in New York were loyal opposition to the crown. And most opposition is surrounded in personal attacks and very little in terms of policy solutions. We have to be effective in hanging together, or, as the phrase goes…we will hang separately.

Every day, we have dozens of new groups and ideas popping up across the country. However, with no administration and an alarming duplication of efforts, many conservatives are already getting burned out and people and volunteers aren’t being positioned to be as effective as possible. Our research is faster, but if it weren’t for Drudge
or Twitter, many of us would be lost. We need a leader, a central force—someone without an immediate political agenda other than getting conservatives elected and expanding our movement.

It is with all of this in mind that I, Nathan Martin, am announcing my candidacy to be the leader of the conservative movement.

I formally ask for Rush’s endorsement . . . and all of your endorsements as well. In the next few weeks, I will be unveiling my platform, website . . . maybe some daisy commercials—and more importantly asking for all of your endorsements (votes). Many of those who do not know me may be asking, is this a joke? Nope—I am serious, and I will now outline the pluses and negatives before the media starts piling on.

  • I never volunteered for Reagan’s 1980 campaign. (Never mind that I wasn’t born…some DC elitist is bound to point it out.)
  • I don’t have white hair.   (For some reason, this has become a pre-requisite)
  • I am not a fat white guy
  • I don’t live in Washington, DC
  • I wasn’t a representative in the original Republican revolution (Though I was a “foot-soldier”:-)



  • I am an Iraq Veteran
  • I am currently serving in the National Guard
  • I am still married to my first wife and have four kids (I know, conservative leader who hasn’t been divorced . . . go figure. Maybe I should have listed this as a con?)
  • I am actually a conservative (I know, it should be a given, but . . .)
  • I can speak well and articulate our viewpoint without the use of electrical enhancements (teleprompter)
  • I am not afraid of the MSM, nor do I crave their approval
  • I don’t live in Washington, DC (Call it a bias, but anyone who lives within the DC region should be disqualified . . .
    but I digress)
  • While I am a social conservative, a national security conservative, and a fiscal conservative, I can talk to all three segments without ticking off any of the three segments.

Anyways, I am ready to lead! Stay tuned for my platform. I look forward to a postive campaign and hope to earn your vote.


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4 thoughts on “I Announce my Candidacy!

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  2. Go for it…we need folks willing to fight the fight!

    With respect to leadership, you’ll get it the old fashion way…you’ll earn it!

    Thanks for all you do.

    Keep the faith!

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  4. God bless you. You’re a talented writer, and a disciplined thinker. But perhaps some groundwork needs to be laid before you jump to “I want to be your leader.” Perhaps a good vehicle for this would be something like the 9/12 Project, or make yourself known in your community first through local activism (I’m assuming a lot here) and build up from there. You’re married with four kids, and a blogger, so expect to get four hours a sleep a night if you’re dead set on this…

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