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Tongue in Cheek

Ok, so, I have received a lot more hate mail than I thought I would, in response to my recent post. In fact, a majority of it coming from conservatives and not liberals, was a little disconcerting. Some people, like this guy, have attacked me for trying to take over the movement without “doing anything.” Ok, listen, you have to understand a few things:

 1. There is no vast conservative movement right now

The fact that there was no real ability, on our side, to organize a vast tea party movement is proof. Listen, people are spinning this like it was spontaneous and all grassroots. It was, but there were national groups trying to organize a national effort, and the fact that a majority of them failed to do so (many local people just did it on their own or ignored the nationals) is a testament to the fact that we just aren’t all singing to the same sheet movement.

2. The Obama administration is using this to their advantage.

Ok, so, why in the world would the Obama administration pepper us with Card Check, FOCA, budget, Bailouts, comprehensive immigration, all at the same time? Are they overreaching? NO! They are being brilliant, because they no that we are not all on the same page, and they know that if they open up multiple policy fronts on us, we can’t build a sustainable opposition (regardless of our members in Congress) to all of them. So, in their mind, they put up six items. They will sacrifice the one that gets the most opposition and get five through, a major victory for them and a Pyrrhic victory for the conservative movement.

3. There is no leader of the movement to help direct opposition.

This is a fact, and my “candidacy” (tongue in cheek) was aimed at pointing that out. Based on my hate mail, many didn’t get that. I don’t expect to be considered the leader of the conservative movement out of hand. I just want to showcase what, I think, a conservative opposition should look like. So, like it or hate it…at least I am trying to make sure that the inevitable pyrrhic victory doesn’t happen. Yes, it is tongue in cheek, but, on the other hand, I would love to see someone with clarity be able to run a counter campaign to what the administration is trying to do.


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One thought on “Tongue in Cheek

  1. Hmmm…I guess I should have read this one before posting on the other one.

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