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Homeland Security Phrases and Why They Lie!

Our Department of Homeland Security constantly mentions that 36,000 people die of the normal flu each and every year. I am not one of those sky is falling types, BUT, saying those numbers is like using 16o million next to 150 billion. It is decieving the public!

So, I was curious what the mortality rate of someone with the flu in a normal flu season was. According to the CDC 5-20% of our population gets the flu each year. Now, I used the high number, because most get the flu and don’t report it. Using the 20% figure, that means that 60 million people in the US get the flu each season. That makes the mortality rate for the flu in America equal to .06%! Six hundredths of a percent. Now, comparing that with the current stats of 642 cases and 2 deaths. (Yes, that increased by 200 overnight!) The current mortality rate for this flu is .31% just over 3 tenths of a percent! You are five times more likely to die from this virus than the normal flu virus, and BTW this is a mild strain. There is a reason that the WHO is teetering on level six reaction. The mortality rate is much worse for the international community. Taking the WHO data (which doesn’t account for the US spike) of 1519 confirmed cases and 30 deaths. That puts it at 1.97% a whopping 32.8 times that “36,000” number. So, pardon me, while I am a little hesitant to chalk this up as “mass hysteria.”

It very well could be much ado about nothing. BUT…I have four small children, I am not willing to just trust the Department of Homeland security for their infinite guidance and wisdom! And, why don’t they use numbers we can understand so we can make up our own minds instead of having our minds made up for us by psychologists.


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