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Supermax Prisons Are Torture?

As I have stated before in other forums, the main problem of the torture debate is the definition of terms. We all believe that torture is bad and evil (well, most of us anyway). The problem lies in what constitutes torture.

I was doing some fact-checking research to see if nobody has ever escaped from a supermax prison. Well, while doing my research, I happened upon this little tidbit:

Supermax and Security Housing Unit (SHU) prisons generate controversy, as some claim[3] that the living conditions in such facilities violate the United States Constitution, specifically, the Eighth Amendment’s proscription against “cruel and unusual” punishments. In 1996, a United Nations team assigned to investigate torture described SHU conditions as “inhuman and degrading”.[4]

Inhuman and degrading? So, how will the United Nations and the world react to us closing Guatanamo and then moving these people into “torture chambers?” My guess, not well, so then the question becomes why in the heck do it?!


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