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Mr. President, the Free Market works!

In August, President Obama stated that the United States Postal Service had not put FedEx or UPS out of business and that was comparable to what he wanted to do with healthcare. Now besides the obvious problems with this, one being that FedEx and UPS are not able to competitively provide door to door letter delivery because of regulatory and pricing concerns.

Here is a story that presents the opposite argument, one about FedEx providing a service that USPS would never provide. A 7-year-old  little girl who needs to be flown to live her final months at home can’t pay the $11,000 bill. USPS doesn’t help them. FedEx does. Why? because capitalism isn’t the cold hearted beast that liberals portray it as. In fact, because FedEx is able to make a profit, they can afford to do things like this to ease the suffering of a little girl. I have no doubt that if the USPS could regulate UPS and FedEx out they would. In Fact, if they are allowed to run billions in the red consistently, they may well outprice FedEx and UPS out of the market as well. My wife’s business uses USPS because they are cheaper. That said, I also have NO doubt that USPS would not have shipped the little girl. Why?

1. It wasn’t necessary, she was being flown home to be with family not get a lifesaving operation. Compassion only counts for government bureaucrats when it saves lives!

2. The unions probably wouldn’t have allowed it. I am not just union bashing here. I just know union rules are often an impediment to charity. For example, performers are able to give their time freely for charity concerts, but most labels still require the musicians to be paid at union rates making the acts still unaffordable for most. Some performers, like Charlie Daniels pay their bands out of their pockets to make the concert free. Charlie Daniels usually pays over 100k for each overseas USO tour he has gone on! Others don’t. Should a musician be forced to participate in a charity event? No. Should they have the option? Yes. Seems that the uncompassionate ones are the unions not the companies. I would also note, it wasn’t UPS that came through either.

3. Government doesn’t care! They don’t. Humans care. Humans do great things. Government doesn’t care, never have, never will. Why not? Because some bureaucrat in DC cares more about the traffic on the way to work, getting Starbucks, and recycling their Starbucks cup than you. Their idea of compassion is how much they have enforced recycling in their cubicle or agency, not how many people they have actually helped. Don’t believe me? Try calling one of them…pick an agency, any one. Heck, does your local DMV care about your time. Ours put in a ticket system and thought they were doing me a favor because now I can wait an hour in a chair instead of in a line! And if that bureaucrat has happened to have a bad day? You might as well ask a telephone pole for help. Which leads me to…

4. Government is inefficient! Even if she would have gotten the flight on USPS. It would have been 3 months from now…you get the picture.


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