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Why #BrettKimberlin Matters (Cause nobody likes a bully) UPDATED with Links

Bully. That is what Brett Kimberlin is… Maybe he wasn’t loved as a child. Maybe he wasn’t breastfed. Maybe he is just a leftist douchebag bully who needs confronted. This is a fundamental issue that the left just doesn’t get…bullies exist and they suck. But where the left sees an opportunity to indoctrinate our children about homosexuality, us conservatives take a different approach with our children. We teach our kids to confront the bully and punch ’em in the nose.

Now, nobody is advocating punching Brett Kimberlin (although if I had to relocate my family like Stacy McCain has had too…I might), but the conservative blogosphere has had enough with the left bullying us at every turn trying to silence our opposing discourse!  As I ranted, the rub is that the left tries to win by silencing the opposition. They can’t beat us on the football field of ideas and they can’t even bribe the officials that good anymore so they are left with trying to prevent us from ever getting on the field in the first place by creating traffic jams that keep us from the frickin stadium.

So, on this Everybody Blog Kimberlin Day, let us remember what this fight is about! It is about the silliness of trying to let us walk on the field…it is about bullying us…and we can’t stand for it. We surely can’t afford to let it happen to even the smallest blogger out there, as ACE so gallantly stated.

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Patterico on Political Terrorism – This is CHILLING!


Smitty over at TheOtherMcCain has some awesome links HERE:

And I am RePosting…hope he doesn’t mind: UPDATE 2: He doesn’t mind (thanks!)


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5 thoughts on “Why #BrettKimberlin Matters (Cause nobody likes a bully) UPDATED with Links

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  3. Say, thanks for adding me to the list!

  4. Thanks for adding me to the list. You might want to check out my post for the day after “Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day.”

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