The Return of Cincinnatus

Life is but for Faith, Family, and Freedom

About Nathan Martin

I am a veteran, scholar, and political activist. I am the son of a preacher from the plains of Nebraska, and a strong principled conservative who holds the values of God, Family, and Country most dear. I express these values through my advocacy of faith, family, and freedom through grassroots organization and seminars on faith’s engagement in politics.

I currently reside in Shelby, Ohio with my wife Mandi (of 10 years) and our five children (No, we aren’t Catholic…or Mormon)

Nathan is a member of Journey Life Center in Mansfield, OH and a member of the Richland County Republican Party.

I graduated from Lee University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (2003) and a Masters in Teaching History and Government (2004).

I served in Iraq from November of 2004 to November of 2005 with the 1/278th ACR Tennessee Army National Guard. While in Iraq, I served as our Battalion Casualty Operations Officer, Strength Accountability, and helped train two Iraqi Battalions in personnel operations. I currently serve as a Sergeant in the Ohio Army National Guard.

While in Iraq, I developed a grassroots operations system and have helped consult on grassroots techniques with several campaigns/organizations notably the RNC, Chuck DeVore for Senate, and the Health Care Compact. I firmly believe in campaign ground operations as a supreme tool of civic involvement.

I currently work for Ground Game Strategies, my viewpoints and opinions should not be construed as those belonging to Ground Game Strategies.

Find out more at or Nathan’s Facebook Page

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