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Thank You! Sunday Link-Fest

I was going to do a recap because I was happy that my blog had hit 1K views (I know it is the small things in life). But then I logged in after church and realized that I had hit over 1K views TODAY! I am glad that people have seen fit to link my post on WHAT REALLY MATTERS so as a thank you! I am going to do a link recap for the week on who linked me or at least try…I am still trying to get the hang of HOW to tell who is linking me…so, if I missed you…my sincere apologies and thank you for your link! Because of all of your kindness, I was ranked the #4 Growing Blog of the Day!

Alright…it seems that I have experienced a second-hand instalanche! Our good friends at The Camp of Saints got an Instalanche. And because I was the lead link in his great review…I got a secondary wave. So, I want to thank Camp of Saints for writing an awesome post and Glenn Reynolds for lanche’ing it as well…


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What Really Matters…The Aftermath of #BrettKimberlin UPDATED

Political Junkie’s Mom‘s post hit home for me as it ended a bizarre 24 hours for me. Sometimes, in the heat of battle, we get focused so much on the target…we forget what we are fighting for. That is both the positive (and negative) of being a man. Our ability to compartmentalize is what allows us to kill our enemies or prey by day and cradle our children at night. But sometimes we become too engrossed in one compartment. That is why my wife says that she sees her number one job as making sure I don’t ignore the home compartment…it was the same when I was in Iraq. I had a mission to do and I put 110% into it. It was hard to come off that precipice and interact with the family because switching compartments isn’t always easy…but it is necessary.

I tell my son each night when I tuck him in and pray over him (sometimes after he has fallen asleep) that he is a warrior, a scholar, and a gentlemen. But yesterday, while on the frontlines, this warrior had a jolt of why we fight…a jolt that I share with you, as we head into Memorial Day’s festivities. My only regret is that, this weekend, many won’t see it.

I had just gotten off the phone with my friend Stacy McCain, to wish him well and I already felt that twinge…a deep ache you feel for a comrade who is going through something and the helplessness you feel when you can’t really help. Then I sat down and started strolling through my FB Page and saw that my brother (who is deploying) was reunited for the weekend with his son and then I noticed a post from earlier in the week I missed from a close friend…he had lost his son at two months of age…

There are times when we are hit with a brick. There are times when God demands our attention. There are instances when the emotions of a moment are too rich. Sometimes, those moments all hit you at the same time.


As a Soldier, when I was deployed, I told those close to me that I had resigned my fate. I understood that each time I kissed my wife goodbye, it could be my last. Saying goodbye to my daughter in her crib at 14 months could be the only slightest memory she would have of me. And it was for them, I served my country. The trick is…once you have resigned your fate and after you come back, life is no longer about you. You have to make it about them…it is all there is left.

I fight for my children.

All five of them who are still here and one who we will see again. And it pisses me off that the America that I inherited as my birthright (24 days after Reagan took his oath of office) is being passed off to my posterity in worse shape than when I received it. I feel a bit like Esau’s son having just discovered that the birthright he so richly deserved was no longer his to hold because his parents had sold it for pittance.

That is why the fight we are in, this ideological struggle, is so intense at times. It is so because it is a true battle between two VERY different ideas of what America should look like for our children.

So, those who scream for civility on one hand just use “civility and tolerance” as a club to oppose dissent.

I believe in rational discourse. But when you are being robbed blind is NOT the time to engage in it.

When debate is necessary, I will debate.

When dissent is necessary, I will dissent.

But when my children are threatened and those we love are hurting…we must fight.

Because, my friend, our inalienable rights are worth fighting for. Because we aren’t guaranteed another breath. Because we aren’t guaranteed that the precious gifts God has given us to watch over will awake in the morning. Because there are things more important than US.

That is why I fight. But that is also why, this weekend, I am going to hug my children more. Be more patient when they interrupt my writing a blog. Teach them about what this weekend really means beyond the picnics, parties, and parades.

BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT REALLY MATTERS (I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments)

-In loving memory of those who have come before and those who we will see again when our fight is over-

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New Podcast: Rant About Brett Kimberlin: UPDATE

Here is my new podcast rant in solidarity with The Other McCain, Aaron W., and all others who are being harassed by this world class scumbag…Brett Kimberlin!


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Why #BrettKimberlin Matters (Cause nobody likes a bully) UPDATED with Links

Bully. That is what Brett Kimberlin is… Maybe he wasn’t loved as a child. Maybe he wasn’t breastfed. Maybe he is just a leftist douchebag bully who needs confronted. This is a fundamental issue that the left just doesn’t get…bullies exist and they suck. But where the left sees an opportunity to indoctrinate our children about homosexuality, us conservatives take a different approach with our children. We teach our kids to confront the bully and punch ’em in the nose.

Now, nobody is advocating punching Brett Kimberlin (although if I had to relocate my family like Stacy McCain has had too…I might), but the conservative blogosphere has had enough with the left bullying us at every turn trying to silence our opposing discourse!  As I ranted, the rub is that the left tries to win by silencing the opposition. They can’t beat us on the football field of ideas and they can’t even bribe the officials that good anymore so they are left with trying to prevent us from ever getting on the field in the first place by creating traffic jams that keep us from the frickin stadium.

So, on this Everybody Blog Kimberlin Day, let us remember what this fight is about! It is about the silliness of trying to let us walk on the field…it is about bullying us…and we can’t stand for it. We surely can’t afford to let it happen to even the smallest blogger out there, as ACE so gallantly stated.

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Patterico on Political Terrorism – This is CHILLING!


Smitty over at TheOtherMcCain has some awesome links HERE:

And I am RePosting…hope he doesn’t mind: UPDATE 2: He doesn’t mind (thanks!)

Brett Kimberlin

Brett Kimberlin Has A Friend In Lee Stranahan, For ‘Worst Nightmare’ Values Of ‘Friend’ Is the latest post by the crew over at “The Other McCain” that helps to explain why we should care about Brett Kimberlin. I plan on doing a larger post for Friday. Help us fight the insanity happening to a good friend.

Identity Politics (and why we should reject them no matter where they come from)

On May 16th, Matt Lewis asked “Is Sarah Palin Biased Towards Female Candidates?” His general premise was that something didn’t quite feel right about Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Deb Fischer in Nebraska. He remembered the Carly Fiorina endorsement as an example. BUT while I have had the same general sense, especially based on my talks with friends in South Carolina who were miffed at her endorsement of Nikki Hailey, I wanted to explore the hard facts for myself.

Like clockwork, SP apologists always point out that SP endorses males too. But the question isn’t just whether she endorses men (in 2010 she endorsed more men than women), the question is whether she endorses women over men. OR as was my initial thought, maybe the women just so happen to be the TP favorites or the most conservative. So, here is my analysis of her 2010 endorsements:

In 2010, SP endorsed 64 candidates. She endorsed 27 women and 37 men. To do a thorough analysis, I divided all her endorsements into two categories: 1.) Contested Primaries and 2.) Either non-contested primaries OR general election endorsements (These really don’t provide us much information because they are essentially endorsements that ALL GOPers would make)

Of the 27 women she endorsed, 13 were in contested primaries. Of those contested races, all 13 endorsements were over male challengers (not so surprising as a woman v. woman primary would be rare in the GOP).

Of the 37 men she endorsed, 17 were in contested primaries. Of those contested races, 3 endorsements were over female challengers.

So, there were 16 contested primaries in which there was a male and female candidate to choose from in which SP made an endorsement, here are the gender/ideological differences.

13:3 Female to Male

9:7 Establishment v. TP

8:8 Conservative v. “Moderate”

This means that in contested primary races where there was a choice between gender, ideology, or anti-establishment sentiment, a candidate’s gender was a better predictor of who would receive Sarah Palin’s endorsement. This includes real head-scrachers like Kelly Ayotte, Nikki Hailey, and Carly.


Identity politics is wrong…and progressive to its core. It says that a woman can’t represent men and that men can’t represent women. It also rears its ugly head with regards to race and religion. In fact, identity politics is the gateway drug to all “well-intentioned” government programs. As conservatives, we should rail against identity politics and when national figures, who the liberal media lumps us in with, embraces it. We have a duty to call them out! It isn’t sexist to ask what the reasons are for someone’s endorsement. And when the endorser describes her reasons as the candidate, “unique blend of steel magnolia and mama grizzly.” We should ask what that means and why in God’s name that has anything to do with what kind of Governor, Senator, or Rep they will be? If I endorsed someone and mentioned as my primary reasons that the guy was black and a father…wouldn’t I be questioned by my conservative cohorts? Yes. As I should be.

While there is a general debate over the cache of endorsements…(do they matter?) what cannot be left untilled is WHY we endorse…and if someone endorses mostly based on gender or race or religion…it is laziness, it is progressive, and it is antitheses to our movement as conservatives. I just wish more of conservative cohorts would call it instead of just whispering in the halls of power.

In Memory of Jack Kemp

I have always held Mr. Kemp in high honor. Below, I am attaching a piece by someone who knew him better than I:

Jack French Kemp, Jr  (1935-2009)

My first involvement with politics was on the steering committee for Mr. Kemp’s 1988 presidential campaign.  This country would have been so much better off had he won that contest.

I admired Jack greatly and feel so sad at his passing.  He was a true patriot; he left a safe congressional seat to run for president because he believed in his ideas and felt they could make his country, which he loved, much better.  Personally, he was engaging, a great football fan but most importantly, a wonderful father, husband and friend to many. 

As for his politics, Jack had a positive vision.  He didn’t view government as a way to pick winners or losers; he decried the politics of envy.  He truly believed in an economy that lifted all boats, particularly for those who were born without much of a boat but who desired a share of the American Dream.  He strongly believed that the American economy is not a zero sum game – just because someone got rich doesn’t mean they took it from someone else.  He constantly preached that our economy is based upon the idea that investment is essential to lifting the poor out of poverty.

“What is most important is to give a hand up, not a handout”  This was one of his favorite expressions.  Also, “give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach him to fish and he will eat for his whole life” – these also were some of his favorite expressions and he used them often in his speeches.

Several campaign pros have told me that Jack’s problem was that instead of raising money by making calls begging donors for cash, he would rather jet off and give a speech to an African American group or LaRaza. 

That, to me, was a badge of honor for Jack.  He absolutely believed in his ideas and felt that they could move people to his side; that’s why so many black and hispanic leaders will talk about him so positively.  It’s also a reason I respected him so much.

He absolutely believed that if the Republican Party was going to be successful, it would have to reach out to all people; it couldn’t just preach to the choir – it had to try to convince people that its ideas had currency and effectiveness. 

This is even more important today, where his beloved party is out of favor at the moment.  It is going through a soul searching, trying to decide whether to move toward the middle and become Democrat lite, favoring government influence or whether it will go back to its founding ideas in the worth of the individual and the power of individual entrepeneurship and private investment and free markets.

Jack’s push for tax cuts were all about the latter – he embraced and expanded upon supply side economics, which holds that incenting private investment by reducing tax rates would key economic growth and further investment which would create jobs, feed innovation and lift our standard of living.

How wonderful that Jack was able to see his ideas at least partially implemented by Ronald Reagan, which touched off an investment and technological boom that has transformed the world.  He was sad that the first President Bush derailed the Reagan revolution by agreeing to tax increases.  He was more sad that his Republican party during the late 90’s and second Bush administration went even further to the side of empowering and expanding government, although the Bush tax cuts were certainly a way station that keyed what economic growth we could muster after 9/11.

Jack was also misunderstood on immigration.  Many of my fellow conservatives were dismayed that he took the side of more immigration but that was a key element to his ideas.  He wasn’t afraid of competition; he believed, as in football, that competition made all perform better.  The US needs to welcome those from around the world who believe in free markets and competition.  He often spoke of the Russian cabdriver or Asian dry cleaners who worked hard and competed for their share of the American Dream – these were essential to the continued growth of America; not something to be feared.

Rest in Peace, Jack.  You deserved better than the country gave but you lived a wonderful life and I am proud to have known you and been inspired by you.  Condolences to your lovely and loving family.  We will all miss you.

 John Cox

Tongue in Cheek

Ok, so, I have received a lot more hate mail than I thought I would, in response to my recent post. In fact, a majority of it coming from conservatives and not liberals, was a little disconcerting. Some people, like this guy, have attacked me for trying to take over the movement without “doing anything.” Ok, listen, you have to understand a few things:

 1. There is no vast conservative movement right now

The fact that there was no real ability, on our side, to organize a vast tea party movement is proof. Listen, people are spinning this like it was spontaneous and all grassroots. It was, but there were national groups trying to organize a national effort, and the fact that a majority of them failed to do so (many local people just did it on their own or ignored the nationals) is a testament to the fact that we just aren’t all singing to the same sheet movement.

2. The Obama administration is using this to their advantage.

Ok, so, why in the world would the Obama administration pepper us with Card Check, FOCA, budget, Bailouts, comprehensive immigration, all at the same time? Are they overreaching? NO! They are being brilliant, because they no that we are not all on the same page, and they know that if they open up multiple policy fronts on us, we can’t build a sustainable opposition (regardless of our members in Congress) to all of them. So, in their mind, they put up six items. They will sacrifice the one that gets the most opposition and get five through, a major victory for them and a Pyrrhic victory for the conservative movement.

3. There is no leader of the movement to help direct opposition.

This is a fact, and my “candidacy” (tongue in cheek) was aimed at pointing that out. Based on my hate mail, many didn’t get that. I don’t expect to be considered the leader of the conservative movement out of hand. I just want to showcase what, I think, a conservative opposition should look like. So, like it or hate it…at least I am trying to make sure that the inevitable pyrrhic victory doesn’t happen. Yes, it is tongue in cheek, but, on the other hand, I would love to see someone with clarity be able to run a counter campaign to what the administration is trying to do.

I Announce my Candidacy!

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh today, and he was decrying the fact that we do not have a leader of the conservative movement. I was pondering this, and I fear that a lot of people are not taking this point particularly seriously. We, as a movement, have consistently failed to offer up real ways and solutions to confront the administration.
Many in DC have been a loyal opposition, much in the same way that Tory Lords in New York were loyal opposition to the crown. And most opposition is surrounded in personal attacks and very little in terms of policy solutions. We have to be effective in hanging together, or, as the phrase goes…we will hang separately.

Every day, we have dozens of new groups and ideas popping up across the country. However, with no administration and an alarming duplication of efforts, many conservatives are already getting burned out and people and volunteers aren’t being positioned to be as effective as possible. Our research is faster, but if it weren’t for Drudge
or Twitter, many of us would be lost. We need a leader, a central force—someone without an immediate political agenda other than getting conservatives elected and expanding our movement.

It is with all of this in mind that I, Nathan Martin, am announcing my candidacy to be the leader of the conservative movement.

I formally ask for Rush’s endorsement . . . and all of your endorsements as well. In the next few weeks, I will be unveiling my platform, website . . . maybe some daisy commercials—and more importantly asking for all of your endorsements (votes). Many of those who do not know me may be asking, is this a joke? Nope—I am serious, and I will now outline the pluses and negatives before the media starts piling on.

  • I never volunteered for Reagan’s 1980 campaign. (Never mind that I wasn’t born…some DC elitist is bound to point it out.)
  • I don’t have white hair.   (For some reason, this has become a pre-requisite)
  • I am not a fat white guy
  • I don’t live in Washington, DC
  • I wasn’t a representative in the original Republican revolution (Though I was a “foot-soldier”:-)



  • I am an Iraq Veteran
  • I am currently serving in the National Guard
  • I am still married to my first wife and have four kids (I know, conservative leader who hasn’t been divorced . . . go figure. Maybe I should have listed this as a con?)
  • I am actually a conservative (I know, it should be a given, but . . .)
  • I can speak well and articulate our viewpoint without the use of electrical enhancements (teleprompter)
  • I am not afraid of the MSM, nor do I crave their approval
  • I don’t live in Washington, DC (Call it a bias, but anyone who lives within the DC region should be disqualified . . .
    but I digress)
  • While I am a social conservative, a national security conservative, and a fiscal conservative, I can talk to all three segments without ticking off any of the three segments.

Anyways, I am ready to lead! Stay tuned for my platform. I look forward to a postive campaign and hope to earn your vote.

Top Five Web2.0 Applications that Conservatives Need

Someone in my local party approached me and asked matter of factly, what do I need to keep in touch with social networking without getting overwhelmed? I thought about this and thought that while some of us just do everything, what are the top five platforms that conservatives can’t go without?


A good platform for groups, causes, and friends. It is also broad in the use by members, unlike MySpace, and doesn’t attract nearly as many “spammers.”


Even IF you never want to tweet, the ability to follow major players in the conservative world AND actually coorespond with many of them is outstanding. In fact, put that together with the outstanding links and research by some groups like #tcot or #techgop and it is a social networking package combined with news and research.


Ok, even if you are not a Young Republican, you need to at least take a look at what Moshe Starkman has done on his own with his own money. Great platform, constant updates, and the functionality of connecting with YRs nationwide is indespensible.


A really great service for photo sharing. Whether through your website, or through social networking, an indespensible service that provides easy use and sharing of photos that are important to you as well as seeing photos of friends or random people on flickr as well.


So, you come upon a conservative website that you love, what do you do? You click a thumbs up button that you have downloaded on your toolbar, and now your friends and like minded strangers have the ability to stumble on that site you selected. I know that there are other services out their that do similar things., Digg, and technorarti, being among them, my favorite is SU. However, you need at least one of these to make a difference!

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