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Mr. President, the Free Market works!

In August, President Obama stated that the United States Postal Service had not put FedEx or UPS out of business and that was comparable to what he wanted to do with healthcare. Now besides the obvious problems with this, one being that FedEx and UPS are not able to competitively provide door to door letter delivery because of regulatory and pricing concerns.

Here is a story that presents the opposite argument, one about FedEx providing a service that USPS would never provide. A 7-year-old  little girl who needs to be flown to live her final months at home can’t pay the $11,000 bill. USPS doesn’t help them. FedEx does. Why? because capitalism isn’t the cold hearted beast that liberals portray it as. In fact, because FedEx is able to make a profit, they can afford to do things like this to ease the suffering of a little girl. I have no doubt that if the USPS could regulate UPS and FedEx out they would. In Fact, if they are allowed to run billions in the red consistently, they may well outprice FedEx and UPS out of the market as well. My wife’s business uses USPS because they are cheaper. That said, I also have NO doubt that USPS would not have shipped the little girl. Why?

1. It wasn’t necessary, she was being flown home to be with family not get a lifesaving operation. Compassion only counts for government bureaucrats when it saves lives!

2. The unions probably wouldn’t have allowed it. I am not just union bashing here. I just know union rules are often an impediment to charity. For example, performers are able to give their time freely for charity concerts, but most labels still require the musicians to be paid at union rates making the acts still unaffordable for most. Some performers, like Charlie Daniels pay their bands out of their pockets to make the concert free. Charlie Daniels usually pays over 100k for each overseas USO tour he has gone on! Others don’t. Should a musician be forced to participate in a charity event? No. Should they have the option? Yes. Seems that the uncompassionate ones are the unions not the companies. I would also note, it wasn’t UPS that came through either.

3. Government doesn’t care! They don’t. Humans care. Humans do great things. Government doesn’t care, never have, never will. Why not? Because some bureaucrat in DC cares more about the traffic on the way to work, getting Starbucks, and recycling their Starbucks cup than you. Their idea of compassion is how much they have enforced recycling in their cubicle or agency, not how many people they have actually helped. Don’t believe me? Try calling one of them…pick an agency, any one. Heck, does your local DMV care about your time. Ours put in a ticket system and thought they were doing me a favor because now I can wait an hour in a chair instead of in a line! And if that bureaucrat has happened to have a bad day? You might as well ask a telephone pole for help. Which leads me to…

4. Government is inefficient! Even if she would have gotten the flight on USPS. It would have been 3 months from now…you get the picture.


Of Course…I Am Sorry

Alright so, Obama has said that Sotomayor would have said things differently had she to do it over again…link 

Wow! If we could only use that logic for everything. I am sure that any criminal who has got caught would do things differently had they to do it over. I am sure that Bill Clinton might have done things differently, had he to do it over. I am sure that Germany would not have invaded Russia, if they had to do it over. And so on…and so on. Do you get the point?

All this is, is yet another attempt by the left to skirt responsibility. Obama has no responsibility for sitting in the church he did. If he had only known… Obama has no responsibility for any blunder going on by the administration. It is all Bushes fault… And now, no liberal jurist has any responsibility for racist statements they make. Because they don’t really mean it… I bet Senator Trent Lott wishes he could use that defense. At least Mel Gibson had the “I was drunk” defense. Sotomayor? Sober as anything and racist as everything. Period. Flat out racist.

ANY human being who says that as a result of their experiences because of the color of their skin, they are automatically better than others, they are racist. And, yes, I have known some racists in my lifetime. I have heard every excuse, but I will only deliberate on one:

I was working as a manager in a fast food restaurant in northern Georgia while I was going to college. One of my employees was racist. He hated black people. Why? When he was eight he watched 3 black men jump his single dad and beat him with a pipe. His dad was permanently made blind because of the accident. Leaving him to help earn money and watch out for his dad and younger brother. He recounted stories of when cashiers would try to gip his dad of his change. At a young age, he had to know how to pay attention. He was sixteen and had to work as many hours as the law would allow, because his family depended on him. He was young, bitter, and he hated black people. Through my two years working with him, I constantly tried to show him that he shouldn’t blame everyone of a different color because of something that happened that long ago. I tried to convince him that equality is great and being prejudicial is not the way to go. I never ever tolerated hateful speech or stereotyping from him. One of the last conversations we had was about experience. He said that if it was true that white people had better schools, better opportunities, and better jobs then why was it wrong to promote these over “others” since they have the better experiences. He would also cite the crime stats of black males, hispanics, etc. And state, that if they are bound to end up in jail, why not distrust them. I said that there are NO guarantees in life. Statistics don’t mean a thing. People that should succeed often don’t and those who seem destined to fail often rise to the top. I said, most people would discount a long haired redneck in an interview, but he became one of my better employees. Appearances and experiences don’t define us…what we do does because we all play by the same rules.

Sotomayor sounds a little too much like my employee. And she went to private schools, the best colleges, and has become wealthy. My employee had an “excuse” (it is never excusable) to feel the way he did. She just feels it because she can. And now she wants to ensure that we all have to play by different rules depending on our color? She is racist, she should have her nomination withdrawn. If this is “post-racial” politics, then what is the point for trying to mentor young people in equality? What example does that set for my daughters? She made a racist comment and should be held accountable.

Supermax Prisons Are Torture?

As I have stated before in other forums, the main problem of the torture debate is the definition of terms. We all believe that torture is bad and evil (well, most of us anyway). The problem lies in what constitutes torture.

I was doing some fact-checking research to see if nobody has ever escaped from a supermax prison. Well, while doing my research, I happened upon this little tidbit:

Supermax and Security Housing Unit (SHU) prisons generate controversy, as some claim[3] that the living conditions in such facilities violate the United States Constitution, specifically, the Eighth Amendment’s proscription against “cruel and unusual” punishments. In 1996, a United Nations team assigned to investigate torture described SHU conditions as “inhuman and degrading”.[4]

Inhuman and degrading? So, how will the United Nations and the world react to us closing Guatanamo and then moving these people into “torture chambers?” My guess, not well, so then the question becomes why in the heck do it?!

Homeland Security Phrases and Why They Lie!

Our Department of Homeland Security constantly mentions that 36,000 people die of the normal flu each and every year. I am not one of those sky is falling types, BUT, saying those numbers is like using 16o million next to 150 billion. It is decieving the public!

So, I was curious what the mortality rate of someone with the flu in a normal flu season was. According to the CDC 5-20% of our population gets the flu each year. Now, I used the high number, because most get the flu and don’t report it. Using the 20% figure, that means that 60 million people in the US get the flu each season. That makes the mortality rate for the flu in America equal to .06%! Six hundredths of a percent. Now, comparing that with the current stats of 642 cases and 2 deaths. (Yes, that increased by 200 overnight!) The current mortality rate for this flu is .31% just over 3 tenths of a percent! You are five times more likely to die from this virus than the normal flu virus, and BTW this is a mild strain. There is a reason that the WHO is teetering on level six reaction. The mortality rate is much worse for the international community. Taking the WHO data (which doesn’t account for the US spike) of 1519 confirmed cases and 30 deaths. That puts it at 1.97% a whopping 32.8 times that “36,000” number. So, pardon me, while I am a little hesitant to chalk this up as “mass hysteria.”

It very well could be much ado about nothing. BUT…I have four small children, I am not willing to just trust the Department of Homeland security for their infinite guidance and wisdom! And, why don’t they use numbers we can understand so we can make up our own minds instead of having our minds made up for us by psychologists.

Tongue in Cheek

Ok, so, I have received a lot more hate mail than I thought I would, in response to my recent post. In fact, a majority of it coming from conservatives and not liberals, was a little disconcerting. Some people, like this guy, have attacked me for trying to take over the movement without “doing anything.” Ok, listen, you have to understand a few things:

 1. There is no vast conservative movement right now

The fact that there was no real ability, on our side, to organize a vast tea party movement is proof. Listen, people are spinning this like it was spontaneous and all grassroots. It was, but there were national groups trying to organize a national effort, and the fact that a majority of them failed to do so (many local people just did it on their own or ignored the nationals) is a testament to the fact that we just aren’t all singing to the same sheet movement.

2. The Obama administration is using this to their advantage.

Ok, so, why in the world would the Obama administration pepper us with Card Check, FOCA, budget, Bailouts, comprehensive immigration, all at the same time? Are they overreaching? NO! They are being brilliant, because they no that we are not all on the same page, and they know that if they open up multiple policy fronts on us, we can’t build a sustainable opposition (regardless of our members in Congress) to all of them. So, in their mind, they put up six items. They will sacrifice the one that gets the most opposition and get five through, a major victory for them and a Pyrrhic victory for the conservative movement.

3. There is no leader of the movement to help direct opposition.

This is a fact, and my “candidacy” (tongue in cheek) was aimed at pointing that out. Based on my hate mail, many didn’t get that. I don’t expect to be considered the leader of the conservative movement out of hand. I just want to showcase what, I think, a conservative opposition should look like. So, like it or hate it…at least I am trying to make sure that the inevitable pyrrhic victory doesn’t happen. Yes, it is tongue in cheek, but, on the other hand, I would love to see someone with clarity be able to run a counter campaign to what the administration is trying to do.

My Thoughts on Obama

The Good

I will start out with the good, mainly because it will be short, but also because I want to show that I am fair in my assessment…

Ok, the Obama PR machine has been impressive. (H/T Matt Lewis ) They are everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. From Noggin to ESPN (Ironically, one of the only campaign promises he has kept), he has graced us with his presence. He is averaging a major primetime press conference every month. We have learned how Mrs. Obama tones her arms, all about the children’s playset, and of course because having Keith Olbermann drooling on his lap was getting annoying, they opted for a Dog. Bo.

On policy, I like the continuation of our Iraq and Afghanistan priorities. We will see how long this lasts, but for now, he hasn’t caved to the moonbats.

The Bad

Can this guy form any coherent thought without a teleprompter? We all knew he was dependant on it like a caffeine junkie needs his morning brew. What we didn’t know was that he was dependant on it like Teddy Kennedy needs alcohol. You literally start seeing him shake when he is doing impromtu. The one good thing to come out of it is his teleprompter’s blog, which is hilarious. It is only a matter of time before late night starts running his gaffes, because they are just as funny as Bush’s wordisms…but I will say this, if you thought W was a moron, what must you think about this guy?

His inability to keep a campaign promise. No tax increases if you make under 250k, try a cigarette tax on all days, April 1. Add in the energy tax, and his original promise came with an asterik the size of Ben Stiller’s butt at the end of Dodgeball. Too bad, the asterik didn’t make it into his campaign materials. He’ll reach out to pro-lifers, we didn’t know that meant he would wait a whole day after the pro-life march to erase  the Mexico City policy. He will balance the books in Washington? By balance, he must have meant straddling us with double our national debt within five years…and then, he must be planning on the 950Billion of surpluses he would have to run to pay off that debt in 30 years!

The Ugly

One word: Stimulus. Of course, I was always taught that stimulus that doesn’t stimulate isn’t stimulus. And for me, it was embarassing that at the same time we are spending 785b on God knows what (and even God needed more than a day to read the bill!) we were laying off Soldiers in the Army National Guard nationwide, estimated at thousands. We have also cut defense by billions but the other departments need to cut their spending by 100m collectively over the year. Wow! This Obama guy is a fiscal conservative. In the same sense that the Octo-mom is mother of the year!

I was impressed to see this today. A statement that the EU shouldn’t have put travel restrictions on us. However, I am sure that Gibbs and the administration will somehow come up with a way that all of this is our fault. This sums up our new foreign policy. Or Care Bear diplomacy as I have called it. It is our fault, all of it, you did no wrong, so please won’t you stop trying to kill us. I said please. Pretty please? With a cherry on top? Yes, my friends, we expected the pork, taxes, and spending. But laying down to let other countries crush us at will? Never to this extent, but that is where we find ourselves, with Tenderheart as our fearful follower, following the Chavez’s and Il’s to our collective demise. The good news, maybe we will all die of the swine flu (and no that wasn’t a reference to the porkulus!)

A Care Bear Foreign Policy

So, I was sitting with my daughters watching Care Bear II. The second movie in the series and like most things from the 80s, before they were remade into crap this decade. As I was watching, the strangest thing hit me. Our current foreign policy and way of handling the world is alot like the world of Care-A-Lot! For example, there is this one scene where they are confronted with a moose. (For the sake of discussion, we will call this moose North Korea) One of the bears says that maybe we just need to talk with the moose. So, the little bear wanders out to be friends with the moose, and the moose kicks out weapons inspectors, walks away from six party talks, and launches a rocket over Japan! (Ok in the movie the moose just tries to run over the bear, but you get the picture) And for all those who may say, “It always works out for the Care Bears!” Keep in mind that inevitably, as is my experience with Care Bears, which is only as extensive as I can get away with, the little buggers get locked up and are near death before the are rescued by kids  and are allowed to do their care bear stare and cousin call! As masterful a villain as Dark Heart was, I just have to think that if Chavez and Castro have us locked up in a magical jail cell and are ready to obliterate us, relying on the French is a little bit of a stretch. Although, at times, I can almost see Obama, Clinton, and Napolotino doing the Care Bear Stare while Pelosi, Reid, and Biden do the Cousin Call! It’d be freaking hilarious, if it wasn’t so gosh darn scary! And frankly the care meter is heading into the negatives, oh, what are we going to do? And do any of us really think that if this swine flu does turn into a pandemic that Tenderheart and Cheer Bear are going to rescue us? What about Iran, maybe we can just talk to them…oh…wait…yeah. So, you see, we now have a Care Bear Foreign Policy. Ironically, according to Wikipedia, the franchise is about to be sold from American Greetings to foreign interests…hmmm…let’s just hope that isn’t a metaphor.

This is What I Fought For?

As a Soldier, I try to not play the “I fought for this country” card. The bottom line is that I did what I thought I ought to do. However, it is worth pondering what exactly did I sacrifice so much for? The constitution? You mean the same onebeing trampled by the Senate in allowing DC to have a voting congressman? For what cost? Surely the Republican Senators stood up to this, what’s this, Senator Hatch voted for it. Surely he had a good reason, what’s this, he WAS BOUGHT OFF WITH ANOTHER congressional seat!!!! I hope Utah sends this man packing. I expect selling the constitution by liberals, but by Mr. Hatch is appalling and should have serious consequences.

I was no Obama supporter, but even I thought their was alot of doom and gloom over his election because I thought he would have to govern from the middle. 3.6 Billion/day later and a 4.5 trillion dollar budget which includes more nationalization of banks AND universal healthcare. The amount of liberal shenanigans going on is amazing.

I am not of the opinion that Obama is a unintelligent human being, but he has proved himself an empty suit. A puppet of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid who seem to be writing all legislation and just feeding his teleprompter with soundbites to sell it to the American people. I GUARANTEE President Obama has NOT read the stimulus even yet, in fact, we don’t really know everything that is in it still. He most likely hasn’t even read the budget. Does anyone doubt that it will be jammed down our throat in the same manner as the stimulus. We have to do something. Inaction is worse than bad action. If only I could live my life this way, but alas I can’t because THAT isn’t what I fought for.

Race in America

The comments of Attorney General Eric Holder has opened up a dialogue that previous to his comments were a closed discussion. While, I don’t feel that liberals asking America to talk about race is an actual invitation to open discussion, I am going to take the opportunity to be open and forthright in my assumptions about race and what I have seen.

To me, we lost the discussion of race when we stopped looking at all Americans as Americans. Did this happen as a fault to the black community? No. The willful segregation of black people from the American dream on account of nothing but their race, is a fault of Americans during that time that were complicit in its carrying out. That said, that is not the America I know today. Today, the willful segregation of black people from the American dream is brought on by those “leaders” of the black community. I differ from Whoopi Goldberg on a LOT of issues. But I was proud when she said she looked at herself as an American NOT an African-American, an American. Today we have Black Entertainment Television, A Congressional Black Caucus, Black churches, Black colleges, Black fraternities and sororities, Black neighborhoods, and Black clubs. All legitimized by the black community and protected at every turn. It seems to me that the racial problems that were started by America’s past are not being ended by America’s present. Instead we have made it worse. Japanese-Americans, Korean-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, African-Americans, all labels that imply that being American isn’t enough anymore. And for us who don’t hyphenate our American experience, we are left being told that we are cowardess for not accepting that there should not be any classifications or levels of Americana. E Pluribus Unum recognizes that we all come from different cultures and backgrounds but that we melt into a cohesive unity.

My dad and mom taught me that it was wrong to NOT associate with people because of different cultures. My dad was a pastor, but in  every congregation he pastored, there were people of different cultures and yes, of different color. I went to Romanian churches growing up, I went to hispanic services as well. I preached my first and only sermon at the age of nine through an interpreter to a spanish congregation of over 1,000 people. As a child, I remember eating at the home of a mixed race couple, race was never brought up. The church I currently attend has as our First Elder a brilliant, humble and awesome black man who happens to be married to a white lady. Our head usher is also black. But in all of this the significance of all of it is in the fact that it is NO BIG DEAL. Our elder wasn’t elected first elder because he is black, but because he is a great Godly man, whom my daughters can look up to. Our head usher wasn’t appointed because of his color, but because he keeps the other ushers on task and on time. We didn’t go to the house of the mixed race couple, because my mom and dad wanted to show me it wasn’t a big deal, they were invited by members of the congregation. The Romanian church was another church, and the hispanic congregation was another group that needed Christ just as much as I did.

To my parents, to me, and what I will teach my children is it is always about the character of the man. Wasn’t that Rev. King’s vision for us. I hear so many black leaders (for which I have NO respect) talk about how the I have a Dream Speech is an inspirational moment. And clearly it is, but I wonder if they have ever truly read the whole speech. And if they have, where does affirmative action, having a black caucus, and separating themselves out into a group fit the countenance of their character and not the color of their skin! If the purpose of the black caucus is to work on urban issues, that is fine and a laudible goal, but why not deem it the urban caucus and invite all lawmakers who have urban constituents? It seems absolutely ridiculous to assume that only a black person can represent black people. I would never assume that only a white congressman could represent me. Why? It is racist to think that and the opposite holds true.

Multi-Cultralism, Shame, and ending the Hypocracy.

I for one, hate to have to feel bad that I think America is the greatest country in the world. I don’t care if I ever visit another country. I love America and all her people, regardless of their intelligence, color, abilities, and status. Why? Because in America anyone can be anything! Because what we become is not based on who we know but on seizing on our opportunities. Is is wrong for people to assume that government can pick winners and losers…why? Because NO PERSON CAN! I wouldn’t have been able to predict that an abused lanky lawyer from the back hills of Kentucky would one day be President. I certainly wouldn’t have predicted that a boy abandoned by his father raised by his mother in Hawaii would one day be President either. Who could have known that Polio wouldn’t stop Roosevelt, or that being blind and deaf wouldn’t change Helen Keller? What about the Hymns of Crosby, or the Lightbulb of Edison? Which of these would we risk not having because the government chose who gets the opportunities. In this end, the key is that we all get opportunity and what we do with those opportunities is up to us. Sometimes, failure is a good opportunity in itself. America has done nothing to help the inner city cycle end, because we have allowed these “black leaders” to dictate how to end the cycle. Money didn’t solve the educational problems in America. However, these leaders stand in the way of allowing parents to choose where to send their children to school. So much for trying to help out. The abortion industry preys on black communities while its leaders give them funding to do so. Its children live in poverty and broken homes because we elevate thugs who sing about easy sex and loose values to urban role models (Just look at the NAACP image awards if you have any doubt). In America, there are not just hyphenated divisons of race, there are double standards galore. Don’t believe me? Try printing a relevant cartoon about a current event that just so happens to involve a monkey. (For the record, Nancy Pelosi and Congress wrote the bailout NOT Obama) Try starting White Entertainment Television for all those NASCAR rednecks, surely there is a cultural argument for the people of appalachia needing there own entertainment. Try starting a Congressional White Caucus to focus on rural issues in America. For the record, I am not advocating doing any of these, I am just saying the hypocracy is profound. One last thing in closing.

I work in the National Guard for a Colonel who is the BEST Colonel I have ever worked for. He is the most caring, compassionate, fair, honest man, I have ever had the priveledge of working for. He is a great American, not because he is black, because he IS. I will pummel anyone who says he isn’t just because of the color of his skin. His character speaks for itself. But he is not accepted in some “black” circles because he is a conservative Republican with strong convictions. Now, you tell me who isn’t tolerant of different “values.” Let’s get over race and start talking about solutions that help all Americans regardless of where they have come from. Giving all Americans equal opportunity should be our cry. The white kid sitting next to the black kid in the inner city school deserves just as much, just as the black kid who sits next to the white kid in the rural school does. The black President deserves our respect just as the previous white President should have gotten, just as the black President deserves our criticism of bad policies just as the white President got. As for AG Holder, legal issues are not black and white, they are colorblind. Hence the blindfold on lady justice. If you want to rip off that blindfold, you can forget our support. But, if you are wanting a legitimate discussion among Americans about how we can get rid of the racist dissent of leaders like Jesse Jackson and David Duke, then I am open to that and I hope that you take these words at there value not just the fact they were written by some white kid from Ohio.

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