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Letters from Home

As many of you know. I am in the National Guard. Well, my little brother just went to basic training. So, my next posts are more likely going to be letters that I will be sending to him. Why? Well, because I know that when I was going through basic it helped me to remember the ideals and inspirations for which I was fighting for and joining in the first place. So, if you would like to send my brother some conservative thoughts. Here is his address:

Echo Co. 3/47 INF(BCTB)

PV2 Martin, Jeremiah D.

Roster #336

5480 Rousch Blvd.

Building #3210

Ft. Benning, GA  31905


Here is my first letter to him:


Here are five values that I feel are of importance to all conservatives:

Dignity — We value real people over ideas and abstractions, that each life is precious and full of potential.

Liberty – We believe in a Creator-given right to freedom. Freedom to fulfill our potential, at whatever we choose; to build, create, and accomplish. Freedom for parents to raise their kids the best they know how. Freedom for communities to grow and prosper. Freedom for people to worship, speak, and act according to their conscience. Freedom to live and thrive.

Locality — Localize, don’t nationalize. Local government, local control, local choices, local accountability. Good government starts at home, where citizens are best able to participate in government and hold it accountable.

Community — We believe in the good of community and that freedom is the best environment for real and healthy community to form. It’s in the unity of many parts, resting on the harmony of social bonds, and not the uniformity of enforced equality, that makes a community. We believe our traditions–our accumulated wisdom, shared culture, collective identity, and living conversation with the past–deserve a place in our communities. The past is the starting point for the future; a thing to be improved and give direction for improvement. Just as a person cannot function without memory, a community cannot function without tradition.

Family — We believe in the goodness of family and the blessing of children. Strong families help make better people and better communities. The family is the cornerstone of society. 

These values are our foundation. Take care and keep the faith.

-Your Brother


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